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2012. A Year In Review

2012. Freshly deemed the year of growth and aspirations being put the test. In January 2012 I was invited to serve in the Republic of Georgia as a Peace Corps Education Volunteer. For the next four months, I spent closing accounts, paying debts, working my tail off at Nature’s, volunteering and making purchases. Saying goodbyes … Continue reading

Day 16 of Giving Thanks

I want to give thanks to religion and spirituality. Growing up I rejected religion in its entirety. Now I realize I have different opinions but I continue to develop those opinions without other’s perceptions interfering with my thoughts. I appreciate being able to think outside the box when looking into other religions in order to … Continue reading

Day 9 of Giving Thanks

Day 9 for the 9th of November Languages. I would like to give a particular thanks to languages. As a child I never fully grasped the importance of languages. Over my lifetime thus far we have all witnessed the importance of languages expanding to different parts of the world and the raise of particular languages. … Continue reading