November: The Month of Giving Thanks and Expressing Appreciation

Vaime (Georgian for “Oh my!”)! I have been really bad about blogging so far. I do apologize as I appreciate all the support I have received from all corners of the globe. Really a girl could not ask for better family, friends, boyfriend, and colleagues.

Given it is the wonderful month of November already, I would like to dedicate the month to posts to giving thanks. I am a bit late- given it is already November 8th. So I shall write 8 thanks to play catch up.

However my I add that I do not mean to discount any of these by pulling them all into one post. Rather to address the eight as it would be wrong of me not to include them.

First thanks for the 1st of November:

Today I give thanks for the amazing family I have. Truly I am lucky to have a family who not only supports me nut encourages me to live my life. They have long since realized that I will live my life to the beat of my own drum. Therefore they encourage and support the fact that I live my live off the beaten path that is more frequently used.

Second thanks for the 2nd of November:

On this day I give thanks for the ground beneath my feet. It has remained steady, even if I have not been. I appreciated its steadiest throughout my rough teenage years. I appreciate the fact that I can always depend of the earth below me (even if there is a natural disaster- then figuratively).

Third thanks for the 3rd of November:

On this day, I give thanks for the friendships I have been afforded in my life thus far. I can’t say all friendships still exist as time has shifted us from place to place and assisted in drifting us apart. However I appreciate and I am thankful for the experiences I have been afforded, even if they were negative. You have all shaped the person I am today and for that I am forever grateful.

Fourth thanks for the 4th of November:

To different cultures and different beliefs. It is truly a beautiful thing. We all have a lot to learn from each other and we must appreciate our differences. Recognize that sometimes there is not such a thing as right or wrong. I appreciate my openness as it has allowed me to get to where I am today. I thankful for continuing to learn to be even more open and understanding.

Fifth thanks for the 5th of November:

On this day I give thanks to the astonishing man I call my partner in life. He is so supportive of me and my PC service. He provides a listening ear when I need to express my feelings. He brings me back down to Earth when he sees me getting above myself. All and all I am so lucky to have found someone I cannot see myself without. Ahbuka barcha habibi.


2 thoughts on “November: The Month of Giving Thanks and Expressing Appreciation

  1. Ah Nicole, I am thankful to know you; thankful that I am on your mailing list; thankful that beautiful opportunities abound for a beautiful person like yourself; I am thankful you are happy; I am thankful you have found the One for You! I am especially thankful for the opportunity to step back and see my life through the other end of the telescope – it gives me a special appreciation for all the things I am thankful for too. Nancy. : +))))))))

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