Day 10 of Giving Thanks: Learned Modesty

On my day 10 of giving thanks during the month of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank learned modesty. This was not something I cared about growing up. Often I dressed quite out there (in the best way of saying it), used foul language, and asserted myself as the truth and all the rest were just plain wrong. Sounds like adolescence, right? Honestly speaking I thought that is how you attract others as well as asserted yourself as a woman for people to take you seriously. All I wanted was to be accepted as an individual and an adult. I recently truly uncovered the true modesty, when it became how I dressed and how I thought. I realize that somethings are better left unknown and unsaid. I will not discuss this further, than leaving you with this…I am happy to have the freedom to choose what I want to wear. I am happy to be able to choose modest clothing for myself.


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