Day 9 of Giving Thanks

Day 9 for the 9th of November

Languages. I would like to give a particular thanks to languages. As a child I never fully grasped the importance of languages. Over my lifetime thus far we have all witnessed the importance of languages expanding to different parts of the world and the raise of particular languages. We have also witnessed (well apparently not literally) languages dying out and the world forever losing their secrets and all that they entail. It’s really such a depressing occurrence. Even the smallest languages (by smallest I am referring the amount of speakers) have relevance in the globalized world we have all around us. 

Now speaking about languages all together, I realize the importance of the challenge to learn the language. I might still have trouble reading in other languages, but I am proving to myself that I am capable of language learning. It’s also funny how in college I studied: Arabic, Swedish, and French. Yet I did not really see how all three would come together now for me when I am living in Georgia and speaking Georgian and Russian. Yet now I can speak Arabic with my boyfriend and his family, Swedish with one of his brother’s and his brother’s wife, and French with my boyfriend and his sister. It’s just so funny how you never know when the knowledge of languages will come into play for you. 

Take a chance. Learn another language. Move abroad. Soak in the language, the culture, the accent, the emotions, and the gestures. Challenge yourself..and then challenge yourself some more. It’s not easy, no one ever said it was. But I am dedicated now to becoming fluent or near fluent in the Georgian language, just because I want to. Challenge accepted.



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