The Past Month of My MIA Status

Well hello world. I know I have been MIA from our relationship. I apologize. I hope you will forgive me and in the meantime be entertained by my mishaps and serenades. Oh where to begin to catch you up…


Well last month- Thanksgiving and In-Service Training! IST was phenomenal and full of Georgian lessons as well as safety and security discussions. Overall it was a great week. To finish the week off right, about 10 volunteers and our other part time volunteers (many thanks again!) cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 120 people! It was amazing. I mean we really went all out and it was a beautiful dinner and evening. Our new American Ambassador and his wife came to celebrate with us. They even served food with us for awhile. Anyways, here are a few photos from the whole week at IST:ImageImageImageImage


Then: Project Design and Management (PDM) Conference:

Peace Corps held our Education PDM Conference at the Georgian Palace Hotel in Kobuleti Georgia. It is located right on the Black Sea… I think we all slightly died when we walked in the doors because it was so so so nice.



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